Toronto Compassion Centre

( TCC )


Toronto's Not-For-Profit Medical Marijuana Resource Facility

After the withdrawal of all charges stemming from our 2002 raid, the TCC reopened in a new address. Since then we have opened a second, beautiful office in downtown Toronto. For security reasons the addresses are private; available only to members and VIPs - and we operate on a by-appointment-only basis.

Mailing Address: ( POST OFFICE BOX )


PO Box 65151 RPO Chester

Toronto ON M4K 3Z2

Non-Member Telephone Line: 416-668-6337

Fax: 416-323-0269

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Some day the counter-productive prohibition of Cannabis must end. We must stop treating ill Canadians and their caregivers like criminals. We must legalize and regulate Cannabis to end the personal and societal damage of prohibition and the black market it has created! Proud Canadians - the True North, Strong and Free - please end the injustice and unnecessary suffering.

Welcome to the Toronto Compassion Centre (TCC)

Zack and Warren at Court

Photo borrowed from: Toronto Star

We were raided, arrested and charged for providing what everyone agrees hundreds-of-thousands of suffering Canadians need.

Punished without trial, treated as guilty until proven innocent, just to have all charges withdrawn after 17 months of stress, struggle and expense - while our many members were prevented from accessing their club’s services.

With proven legitimacy and importance, the TCC has persevered and evolved.